Dave Grohl: Life’s A Bitch!

Yesterday my brother posted on Facebook a video of Dave Grohl in GM Next Plug-in with Kyle Gass. Kyle remembered that Dave once told him that he only makes hits and then Dave does always make hits, so he had to show Kyle how to do it. In the process, Dave told about how white people react to lyrics and how they had to be simple, but heartfelt like bumper stickers, like Life’s a bitch... Then he just jams up a chorus repeating that phrase and ends it with but keep on truckin’. Then he starts again playing the riff and slowing tuning in with the lyrics, coming up with some simple rhymes on the fly gradually ending up in the chorus. What he says is that you only need a chorus to write a hit song and it can be a simple one to that like Janie’s Got a Gun.

I got inspired so I captured the sound off YouTube, sampled parts of the clip, and then arranged them as if it was a real unplugged song with some natural interjecting talk in between. I hope you like it and if you do — please help me go viral! 🙂