The Official PhD Cup

I remember a few years back, when I was still a masters student working at a university research center, my ┬áboss, Georg Rehm, had a small accident that upset him more than it was supposed to. He had dropped a cup of coffee in the small kitchen and it had broken to pieces. He later explained that it was not just a cup, but his PhD cup that got him through his whole degree holding some very dear (as I’m sure some not so dear) memories.

Ever since I’ve been thinking about having a PhD cup one day when I get on that path and I had always thought it’s going to be a big yellow Lipton cup I have from the first dorm I lived in (no idea who it belonged to originally). As it always happens in life the cup was lost or it is somewhere back home in Sofia. Serendipitously when I moved in my office, aka the storage room with all the books, I found an old cup from a particle physics and early universe conference back in 2007. I like that it already has some cracks and history in it, and it matches my favourite dark blue cardigan. Well, here it is, my PhD cup…


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