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Ender’s Game is in Production

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Oh, I’ve been waiting! One of my favourite sci-fi books is finally coming to Hollywood. For those of you who haven’t read Ender’s Game — read it before the movie comes out! It’s only 300 pages or so. The production has started in February and the release date has been set to 15 March 2013. The movie is being directed by Gavin Hood (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Rendition) and it features a whole lotta Oscar stardust.

None other than the best sci-fi actor there is, Harrison Ford, will be playing Colonel Graff. The young cast is also starstruck: Ender is being portrayed by Asa Butterfield the little boy who played Hugo (do look him up if you don’t know him), we’ll also see Hailee Steinfeld (True Gritt) as Petra, Abigail Breslin (you don’t need me to spell that one for you, right?) as Valentine, and young Aramis Knight (Rendition, Crossing Over, The Dark Knight Rises — Daamn, kid!) as one of my favourites — Bean. Ben Kingsley  and Viola Davis will also be featured as the war hero Mazer Rackham and the academy Major Anderson.

The script is the third version created by Card and it’s a mash of Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow. I haven’t read the second one, but knowing the plot, it seems like a good idea to enrich the content by merging the two books.

I have to say I’m very happy about the news, even though they’re sort of old. I was serendipitously browsing the IMDb today when I ended up seeing Harrison Ford’s current filming project. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it goes through as planned and in less than a year we’ll be enjoying a brand new sci-fi saga. Remember, the Ender books make Harry Potter seem like a premature ejaculation, …if you’ll ‘scuse my language 🙂


Dave Grohl: Life’s A Bitch!

Yesterday my brother posted on Facebook a video of Dave Grohl in GM Next Plug-in with Kyle Gass. Kyle remembered that Dave once told him that he only makes hits and then Dave does always make hits, so he had to show Kyle how to do it. In the process, Dave told about how white people react to lyrics and how they had to be simple, but heartfelt like bumper stickers, like Life’s a bitch... Then he just jams up a chorus repeating that phrase and ends it with but keep on truckin’. Then he starts again playing the riff and slowing tuning in with the lyrics, coming up with some simple rhymes on the fly gradually ending up in the chorus. What he says is that you only need a chorus to write a hit song and it can be a simple one to that like Janie’s Got a Gun.

I got inspired so I captured the sound off YouTube, sampled parts of the clip, and then arranged them as if it was a real unplugged song with some natural interjecting talk in between. I hope you like it and if you do — please help me go viral! 🙂


The Official PhD Cup

I remember a few years back, when I was still a masters student working at a university research center, my  boss, Georg Rehm, had a small accident that upset him more than it was supposed to. He had dropped a cup of coffee in the small kitchen and it had broken to pieces. He later explained that it was not just a cup, but his PhD cup that got him through his whole degree holding some very dear (as I’m sure some not so dear) memories.

Ever since I’ve been thinking about having a PhD cup one day when I get on that path and I had always thought it’s going to be a big yellow Lipton cup I have from the first dorm I lived in (no idea who it belonged to originally). As it always happens in life the cup was lost or it is somewhere back home in Sofia. Serendipitously when I moved in my office, aka the storage room with all the books, I found an old cup from a particle physics and early universe conference back in 2007. I like that it already has some cracks and history in it, and it matches my favourite dark blue cardigan. Well, here it is, my PhD cup…